How to Convert Peachtree To Quickbooks?

Converting data from peachtree to Quickbooks seems difficult but it’s not. You may have years of data to convert from peachtree to Quickbooks is quite a lot but trust me you can do it on your own without any error and without any hassle. Read this post to the end to now all the methods that make the conversion process easy and doable. But first it important to take a look at both software Peachtree and Quickbooks to know their functions and features.

What are Quickbooks And PeachTree? 

QuickBooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks is an accounting software pack developed and marketed by the American software company Intuit. This software is exclusively made for small and medium-sized enterprises to make their accounting and book-keeping work easy. With the help of QuickBooks, the user can perform multiple tasks such as:

Peachtree to Quickbooks conversion tool

  • Manages Payroll
  • Manages Income and Expenses 
  • Track Financial health of the business
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Accept business payment
  • Functional payroll, track business growth
  • Set reminder for further payments

Peachtree Accounting Software 

peachtree to quickbooks conversion tool,

Peachtree accounting software is developed by Sage software for small and medium-sized enterprises now known as ‘Sage 50’. This software enables the comptroller and managers to complete some ultimate task that takes much time if it’s done by any human. There are some features that Peachtree software has:

  • Track Bank transfer and Payroll
  • Create financial statements
  • Check Invoices
  • Import and Edit Spreadsheet
  • Accommodate Account Payable and Receivable
  • Co-opts scanned cheques, receipts, and invoices 

The paragraphs define both accounting software separately that clearly state that both software is quite similar. But there are some more information that may help you out to distinguish between both of them

The capability of QuickBooks 

  • Quickbook is easier to use and more user-friendly.
  • It has a Mac version that makes it more desirable
  • It also has an Online version that is more affordable
  • It works on a Cloud-based interface

The capability of Peachtree 

  • It manages Inventories in LIFO, FIFO, Serialized manner
  • It accommodates 40 users at a time
  • It has GAP to check duplicates and suspicious entries

Both accounting software is the most widely used accounting software worldwide. Through Peachtree is an amazing software for book-keeping and accounting but despite that, you want to move to QUikcbooksfor better experience or there’s any other reason. Now that you switch your platform from Peachtree to Quickbooks and you want to convert all your data from Peachtree to Quickbooks. Read ahead to know all procedures to do that cause this post has it all.

Now that you have ample knowledge about both accounting software. So, let move ahead to know how to convert Peachtree to Quickbooks? But before that, you have to know about the system requirement for Peachtree to Quickbooks conversion. So, let’s explore it first.

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What is the System Requirement For Peachtree to Quickbooks Conversion? 

The conversion procedure of Peachtree to Quickbooks is commonly performed by the Quickbooks Desktop Conversion Tool. this tool only converts Peachtree version 2013 or higher version and about the Quickbooks, it only supports Quickbooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2016. Below pointers is the list of the requirement that is required in the process of Covert Peachtree to Quickbooks.  

  • Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0.0
  • 512 MB of RAM and 2.5 GB of Free Hard Drive
  • Peachtree and Quickbooks Desktop should be installed on Windows 10 based system

Preparation Before Peachtree and QuickBooks Conversion

  • You have to make sure that both software Quickbooks and Peachtree are installed on the same device before the conversion
  • The data folder and .exe files of both Quickbooks and Peachtree need to be on a local hard drive of the device for backing up company data and another backup.
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How to Convert Peachtree to Quickbooks?  

Follow the below steps to covert Peachtree to Quickbooks.

#1 Step: BackUp the Data

The first step towards Peachtree to Quickbooks conversion is to back up your data to want to modify. You can opt for this step while the conversion tool is working. If there’s anything goes wrong then you can revert to a backup and build another copy of the data.Convert peachtree to Quickbooks

#2 Step: Name the Backup file

Type-in a suitable for the file but make sure to write-up a uniques name that you can easily identify. The character limit of the name is 41 characters, do not cross the limits, and never repeat the name of the file to another one. If you do so, Quickbooks will automatically add a number after the name to create the distinction between the files.   

#3 Step: Visit Intuit and Register

Intuit, the developer of Quickbooks has a free conversion file on their website. You just need to visit the website and register yourself for the free tool that converts all the relevant data. The basic concept of the software is to allow the user to pick up where he/she left off. Type in all the relevant details in the bo and then hit the send button to register. Peachtree to quickbooks conversion

#4 Step: Download the Converter File 

Now that you register yourself on the Intuit website you are now eligible to download the file with a converter. This tool is about 30 MB and the installation on a 3 Mbps connection makes it two minutes process to download. After the downloading process completes, you are required to press the Run button. After the install the conversion file on the device to initiate the Peachtree to Quickbooks Conversion.     

#5 Step: Initiate Conversion through Converter

Now that you have the Quickbooks conversion tool, conduct it to convert the data from Peachtree to Quickbooks. This tool will walk you through the path with a step-by-step process towards accomplishing it. You just have to navigate to the peachtree files and then press the enter key to initiate the conversion process automatically.

#6 Step: Manually Set up Company file information

Now that the data is transformed from the Peachtree to Quickbooks, first name it, Now it is important to manually fill-up the company information details. First, you have to open the Peachtree software on the device, choose the maintain option, and then choose a company option and then go to the company information, right-click on it and select the copy option and copy the information from there. Now open Quickbooks choose the company and then go to the company information option and paste the information you copied from the peachtree.    

#7 Step: Set-up the Basic Data

After the conversion of data, it’s time to set up basic data as you had set up your business earlier. You just have to navigate to the Edit tab and then select the Preferences option there and set the basic data up.

Final Verdict

Regarding all the above information, you can easily convert Peachtree to Quickbooks in the first place. It can be easy with this comprehensive guide because all the doable steps are written in this post along with details. 

However, converting the data from one software to another seems daunting but way easier than it sounds. If you feel that you are facing some issues while doing it then you are advised to contact Quickbooks customer experts. They are available 24X7 on a toll-free number so, feel free to call them and get assistance from them to accomplish this process without any more issues.