QuickBooks Repair Error 1334: Troubleshoot the Error

Among many errors of QuickBooks (error 6210, 15271, 12031, 6177, and etc.) QuickBooks Error 1334 is another issue that has caused problems for the user while using the software. It generally occurs during the installation procedure.

In this era of technology, everyone integrates towards technology for every single work then why not accounting and book-keeping stuff. Quickbooks accounting software is the one platform where every small, as well as medium-sized enterprise owner, can maintain their accounting and book-keeping activity error-free. 

The single pack of software Quickbooks has many features implanted within which help the users to easily manage company information and has the ability to work on cloud-interface. Through this feature, the user can easily access their company profile from anywhere, anytime, and through any device.

However, Quickbooks has a lot of multi-tasking and user-friendly features, it becomes vulnerable when Quickbooks error arrives within the Quickbooks desktop. Quickbooks Error 1334 is one such error that stops Quickbooks from working and ruins the user experience of many QB users. This error is the most common error in Quickbooks that can be seen by the users many times. 

This post will give you a brief introduction to this error and tell you every other component of this error in detail. So read this post to the end very carefully and resolve the error on your own with the help of the post, where we also explain the reason behind the error and the solution to this error. 

What is Quickbooks Error 1334?

When the system has damaged or missing the Quickbooks installation file, the Quickbooks error 1334 occurs. This error is related to installing, repairing, updating Quickbooks desktop. The occurrence of the error has one more cause and that is corrupted .NET Framework. 

This error arrives with an error message on the display screen stating:

Error 1334. Error writing to file [file name]. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Error 1334. The file cannot be installed. Insert the QuickBooks CD and retry.

error 1334 QuickBooks 2009

Factors Occurring error 1334 Quickbooks 

These are some of the factors that triggered the error 1334 Quickbooks 2009 to occur

  • Malicious software such as Virus, Malware, etc.
  • Corrupt Windows registry due to a recent QuickBooks-related software change.
  • Windows files or QuickBooks software-related files are corrupt.
  • A QuickBooks-related file has been deleted.
  • Incomplete or damaged QuickBooks installation.
  • Corrupt or damaged QuickBooks software.

Symptoms of the Quickbooks Repair Error 1334

Through the early symptoms or signs, the user will get the identification of the error in the first place. Some of the signs are implicit below.

  • An error message pop-up on the display screen with Quickbooks error 1334. 
  • The computer systems keep freezing concurrently.
  • The Windows operating system responds slowly to keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • The System starts crashing the screen.
  •  When an error arrives, the system gets slow and sluggish.

Occasions when Quickbooks error 1334 repair emerges  

The error 1334 Quickbooks emerge on the following occasion, so whenever you perform these actions, make sure you have configured all the factors to ignore this error in the future.

  • When the user tries to open the Windows operating system
  • While shutting down the Operating system, error may occur
  • The Quickbooks installation the occasion of error 1334 Quickbooks 2009 to arrive
  • Anytime when Quickbooks is running

As of now, all the above information on the error makes you aware of all the facts and factors to easily solve the error. Now that we have all the info about the error, let’s get to the solution to resolve this error like a pro on your own.

Troubleshoot Quickbooks Repair error 1334   

The Quickbooks repair error 1334 should be fixed instantaneously due to its frustrating comeback. This error interrupts the updating, installing, uninstalling, or repairing process of Quickbooks that is quite not to be entertained too long. It should be eliminated immediately. Following methods are written-below, read them, apply them to erase the error.

Solution 1: When the error occurs while opening the Quickbooks

  •  First thing first, just detect the Quickbooks company file and open it on the computer.
  • The user needs to Double click on the extension .qbw that the company file has, and follow the on-screen instruction to fix it entirely.  

Solution 2: Microsoft Windows Clean Installation

QuickBooks error 1334 repair

  • First, uninstall and then reinstall the Windows OS, which helps to erase all the saved data from the system’s hard drive, and the user is able to start the system afresh.
  • The user can also use the clean install tool for Windows to wipe out all the slush, junk, and unnecessary log files from the system that keeps stored a long time back from web surfing and other usage.   

Solution 3: Add or Remove Program

  • First, open your desktop and go to the Start menu
  • Now type MSConfig in the search bar and click on the Enter option
  • After that, select the Boot tab and then navigate the  cursor towards the Safe Boot and choose the Network option
  • After completing the above steps the user just has to click on the OK button and restart the system.
  • The above process will restart the PC in Safe Mode
  • Now, the programs you select to run will startup
  • The above-written process will offer you the chance to open QuickBooks without any hindrances
  • Now in the next step, the user has to launch the QuickBooks on the computer System
  • After that click on the Help option from the Top Menu and select the Update QuickBooks option.
  • After that, allow QuickBooks to run the required updates
  • Once the updates finished, the user needs to go back to the Start menu
  • And then deselect the Safe Mode under the Boot tab
  • Now restart the computer again
  • After the system reboots in normal mode and updates are installed properly, open your QuickBooks again.

Solution 4: Upgrade Effective Solution

  • First, start your operating device and login in as an Administration
  • Now, select Accessories and Programs, System Tools and then choose Restore
  • After doing this, a new window will pop-up. So, from there select the option Restore my PC with an earlier date and then press Next
  • Now, choose a restoration point list and then tap Next
  • Under the verification screen, choose the latest system restore data and then click Next
  • Once the process ends, restart your computer system


Regarding the above information, the error you are facing might have gone. Hopefully, this post will assist you in resolving error 1334 Quickbooks on your own in no time without any hassle.

There are many QB errors you may face in Quickbooks, never get worried about any of the errors. All these errors are temporary and removable at the time. You just have to apply a solution to it and see the magic, the error will go forever. Our website OpenCloudManifesto has covered many of the other errors despite Quickbooks error 1334 repair, that you can check out.

This post will cover the whole definition, factors, symptoms, occasion and most important the solution to resolve this error. It is recommended for all the QB users to read the entire post carefully and then apply the methods to erase the error. Never skip any of the steps from the solution for better results and always keep the factors of the error in mind to keep the error always in the future.

In case, if you are unable to resolve this error on your own or the solutions are written above just failed then definitely contact the Quickbooks customer executives for the best support. They will surely resolve your problem with a precise answer. Feel free to call them any time they are 24X7 available on a toll-free number.