How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 404?

Quickbooks Error 404 is the error that randomly appears on your display screen while working on QuickBooks. The primary reason behind this error is the fail synchronization of Quickbooks to the Intuit server. This is just an elementary factor that pointed above and the rest of the factors and other information related to this error is accumulated in this post. Read this post to the end to know all the facts and figures related to the Quickbooks Update Error 404. But before hopping to our alpha topic, let’s just take a small tour around the Quickbooks Accounting software then move ahead to the Quickbooks error.      

Quickbooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit an American software development company, especially for small and mid-sized enterprise owners to perform all the arduous work easily and effectively. The interface of this software is easy to use and intuitive and it is also known for its affordability. This software performs every book-keeping and accounting activity automatically such as record transactions, create estimates, create payroll, track sales & expenses, Track inventories, manage customers, and above all its cloud-based interface makes it more invulnerable. With a cloud-based interface, you can collaborate with other accountants.

But despite all these features which are counted as a Pro of this software, there are some cons too, the QB errors. The QB Errors are those glitches that came across the path while you are working on the Quickbooks and interrupts your work. Error 404 Quickbooks is one of the glitches that occur in Quickbooks while working on it. Now let’s get to know more about this error in detail.

What Is QuickBooks Update Error 404?

As we all know Quickbooks is a software developed from Intuit and also working on Intuit server to receive, send or download the information for internal service requests so when the Quickbooks is failed to sync to the Intuit server, the Quickbooks error 404 occurs. This error often encountered while installation of Quickbooks software on the operating software. This error comes up with an error message box on the display screen along with a message: Quickbooks error 404, Quickbooks sync issue, QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. It often encountered that this error can appear with some other title name such as 

  • Service messages error# 404, 
  • Intuit Error 404, 
  • Error 404 pages not found, 
  • QuickBooks update error 404

QuickBooks error 404

So never get confused if you get these titled errors, it just has a different name but factors and symptoms, which we discussed later,  are as same as Quickbooks error 404

It is advised to all the users if you are encountering this type of error message on your computer display screen then this needs diagnosis to resolve. To find out the solution, read this post to the end and apply the methods described in it. But before moving t the solution, it important to know more about this error, as there’s a say that before going to combat, know your enemy first to defeat it easily. It’s just like that, the more you know about this error, then it becomes easier for you to resolve it.

What causes the Error to Occur?  

As mentioned earlier the fail sync between Quickbooks and Intuit Server is the elementary reason behind the error 404 Quickbooks. But besides this, many reasons triggered the error to occur and those factors are: 

  • The QuickBooks pages and Intuit serve is not synced.
  • When QuickBooks software installation is incomplete or corrupted. 
  • The program is malicious that deletes our company access files instantly.
  • When the system has an unreadable component, this error arrives. 
  • When Windows system registry gets corrupted because of changes like installation or uninstallation of QuickBooks software.
  • Having a virus or malware effect that corrupted the QB program files, lead to the Quickbooks service message error 404.
  • When the user requested service with an unavailable or expelled URL, it got rejected and Error 404 emerges. 

All the above reasons support the error to emerge and become an obstacle in the workflow. Keep these pointers in mind, may help you to avoid this error in the future to occurs.

What the Signs That Quickbooks Service Message Error 404 give to the Users?

  • The user will encounter an error message QuickBooks Update Error 404 on the display screen.

QuickBooks update error 404

  • Due to error 404, the user could not found the particular web page he/she trying to access.
  • The page, user is asking for has the same URL but the page is banned from the web.
  • The Program windows will get crashes after encountering this error. 
  • The computer system repeatedly breaks down with Error 404 code while running the same application on it.

These signs will indicate the users towards the impact that the system is receiving because of Quickbooks error #404. This error is important to resolve in the earlier stage it completely cut you off from the particular section and you can not access that URL. To diagnose this error you have to check out the different methods mentioned in this post. Scroll down the page to grasp the step-by-step guide of solutions.

How to Fix It?

The following solutions are meant to resolve the Quickbooks service message error 404. Check out all the solutions but always hop to another solution when the first one you tries will not be worked to resolve the error. 

1: Method- Update and Repair QuickBooks Desktop 

  • First, go to the Quickbooks and open it
  • Now select the help menu from the Desktop
  • After that, choose and click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the help menu.

how to fix quickbooks error 404

  • Atrer the Quickbooks desktop updating process completes, open the company file and perform the task that gets interrupted due to the Quickbooks error #404.

If this method of Update and repairing did not work then try out a different way to perform the same solution to resolve the error.

  • Press the Windows + R key together on the keyboard to open the Run window.
  • when run window box opens up type Appwiz.cpl in the search field to open the App Wizard, where all installed programs are listed.

Repair QuickBooks Desktop 

  • In the App wizard, navigate to the Quickbooks, hove and right-click on it 
  • Now choose the Repair option to repair the Quickbooks
  • After the Quickbooks repairing is Completed, open the Quickbooks again and verify whether the error is resolved or not.  

2: Solution-  Verify the System setting      

verify quickbooks system settings- error 404

  • First, the user has to open QuickBooks and go to the company file.
  • Now begin the process where the users are facing Quickbooks Error 404.
  • After that Close the Quickbooks and log out from the company file. 
  • Update the Windows system and restart the computer.
  • Now open the Internet Explorer and then go to the Tools menu and then select the Internet Options.
  • Now go to the advance option and choose it then browse in the settings panel.
  • After that, close all the programs and save the information.
  • Now press the Windows + R keys together to open the Run window page and type msconfig in the search field and then click on the OK button.
  • The system configuration screen will open up, select the general option there. 
  • Now find the Startup Selection option and then click on the Selective startup and then hit the OK button.
  • Now Restart your computer system and look for the same task you are doing when the Quickbooks update error 404 occurs. And check whether the error is gone or not.
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3: Solution- Configure the Internet Connection

internet settings- error message 404

  • Open the Internet Explorer and open a regularly open file on it.
  • Now, refresh your internet setting and try again the same process, and if you find the error while opening the URL.
  •  If still find the same error message such as Page can’t be displayed or Connect to the internet, then turn off your wireless router and again turn it on. And try opening the URL again
  • If the issue still interrupting you then, restart your system and repeat the above process.
  • Now set up your internet browser as your default browser and try performing the same task where you find the error 404 Quickbooks.

After performing the above steps, if the error still interfering with your work then try to contact your internet service provider.  

4: Solution- Change your Internet Setting

change internet settings


  • Firstly, click on the Internet Explorer option then go to the Tools option.
  • Now select the Internet Options
  • After that click on Security Tab, and then select the Trusted sites option, and go for the Sites option and select it.
  • Now, add and as the trusted sites in the options of the site.
  • After that, select Close and then the OK button.
  • Log out from Quickbooks and Close it.
  • Now reopen QuickBooks and go to the Open company file option and hit a click on it.
  • And Perform your task where you encountered QuickBook Error #404 to check whether the error still persists or not.

Final Words

Hopefully, all the above solutions make your day and resolve the Quickbooks service message error 404. This post is a guide for you to learn how to resolve this error along with its different aspects. In this post, we discussed the factors and signs of this error. The factors determine the reason behind the error, while signs of the error signify the impacts of the error on the system. The step-by-step tutorial accumulated with this post eases the solution methods to the users, so they can perform the methods on their own. 

In case, if you find the methods way hard to perform(which it is not), or you don’t have time to involve in this task, then it’s recommended, to contact Quickbooks customer support experts. The team is available round the clock at the toll-free number. You can call them whenever you feel difficulties in using Quickbooks or find any error in it. They will satisfy you with very precise answers and help you in any circumstances.        

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