How to Resolve Quickbooks Error -6144 -82?

If you are an accountant at any small or mid-sized enterprise and tired of maintaining accounting activities, as it a tough job to do. That’s why Intuit, an American software development company, developed software especially to maintain accounting and book-keeping tasks for small and medium-sized companies all across the world. This software is known as Quickbooks, which is a cloud-based software where users can work simultaneously on the same file from different devices and locations. The most notable thing in this software is its user-friendly interface that allows any new or existing users to access the file at ease and accomplish any accounting task very easily. 

But software being software, Quickbooks stopped working when it is attacked by any error. Many of the QB users often encountered and complain about the error that arises while working on Quickbooks and interfere with their ongoing work. Quickbooks error 6144 82 is one such QB error that occurs in Quickbooks and hinders all the work of a user. error 6144 82 quickbooks

In this post, we are going to discuss this particular error in detail along with its symptoms and the factors that triggered Quickbooks error -6144 -82 to emerge. So, without taking too much time, let’s get ahead to the topic.

What is Quickbooks Error -6144 -82?

As we all know about Quickbooks in the above paragraph, that mention some error in Quickbooks. Quickbooks error code 6144 82 is an error that occurs when a QB user opens any company file which is used by any other application. It is often caused by when the system setting is wrongly configured and if the Window Registry file encountered any irregularities. 

If you are the one who’s facing this error along with an error message that displays on the screen stating: Quickbooks Error 6144 82 Quickbooks has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” 

This error can be easily diagnosed by some simple methods explained in this post. To know those methods you have to read this post to the end. While reading this post you will encounter symptoms and reasons before solution because the signs and the factors help out users to fix this error easily. 

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 6144 82quickbooks error -6144 -82,

The symptoms or signs are the first glimpses that your system shows you. These are impact errors 6144 82 Quickbooks leaves on your system and hinders your workflow. These symptoms are: 

  • Your system will show an error message related to Quickbooks error code 6144 82 on the screen display.
  • The Windows gets slow as well as starts responding slow to mouse and keyboard inputs.
  • Your computer system starts freezing at the same interval of few seconds.
  •  The current working windows crashed 
  • Your system gets shut down to prevent further harm.

Factors that Triggered Error 6144 82 Quickbooks 

There are several factors that may support Quickbooks error -6144 -82 to arise and interrupts your work. Some of the major reasons are listed here:

  • If an incomplete or damaged Quickbooks installed on your system, supports error to occur.
  • When Quickbooks Windows Registry gets corrupted due to recent changes in Quickbooks by the user. 
  • Pernicious deletion of QuickBooks-related QB files caused by some other program
  • If the window system file or Quickbooks related program file is corrupted due to virus or malware, error 6144 82 Quickbooks emerges.
  • This error also emerges due to the internet security or firewall settings

All the above pointers are the factors that define the different settings or files or security that may indirectly support Quickbooks error 6144 82 to occurred in Quickbooks. All we have to do is to rectify those sections to erase this error from the system. So let’s get to explore the methods to know how to resolve this error on our own. 

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6144 82?  

Follow the below-written methods to resolve Quickbooks error -6144 -82 from your system. But you have to keep one thing in mind that only applies the next method if the first method fails Keep performing the following methods in your system until you get rid of his error completely.   

Method 1: Set User Permission

  • First, open Quickbooks and go to the company tab
  • Now, you have to choose on the User tab 
  • After that, click on the Set-up User and Roles
  • In the next step, you have to type in the password to access the information.
  • When you access the information, you will see a User list, from where you have to select the Username

quickbooks error code 6144 82

  • Now, change the role according to the requirement.

Method 2: Windows Registry Repair

  • Click on the Start button displayed on the display screen
  • Now type the command in the search box but do not hit the Enter key.
  • And then press and hold the ctrl +Shift key together and now click n the Enter
  • This action will prompt a new dialogue box on the screen, click on the Yes option there. 
  • Now a black box will open with a blicking Cursor on it
  • Besides the blinking cursor, you have to write Regedit and press the Enter Key.
  • Now a registry Editor will open up, here you have to select Error 6144 82 related file.
  • Now go back to the File Menu and choose the Export option
  • In the Save in the list, you have to choose a folder to save the QuickBooks backup key.
  • Type a name for the Backup file in the backup file Name box such as Quickbooks Backup
  • You have to make sure that the Selected Branch option is selected in the Export range box.
  • Now select the .reg extension while saving the file
  • The above steps create a backup of your Quickbooks-related Registry entry.
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Method 3: Windows Error Repair Tool 

  • You have to download the Window Application tool
  • Now launched the Application and installed the application on the system
  • After the installation clicks on the Scan Now option to get rid of the error 6144 82 Quickbooks.
  • Or you can click on the Repair All option to fix all the issues. 

Method 4: Rename .TLG and .ND files

  • First, you have to go to the folder where all the company files are saved.
  • Now right-click on the file with the extension.TLG and select the Rename option to rewrite the name by adding .OLD at the end of the file name such Company file.TLG.OLD.

quickbooks error 6144 82

  • Repeat the same renaming process with the.ND file
  • Now open the Quickbooks Database Server Manager by following the lead Start Button>> Program>>Quickbooks>> Quickbooks database Server manager 
  • Hare, you are required to select the folder where Quickbooks File is enlisted
  • Now you just have to scan the folder and open the file.


Hopefully, all the above solutions helped you out to get rid of Quickbooks error 6144 82 from the system without any further problems. As the above paragraph mentioned 4 different methods to resolve the error with 4 different techniques, error 6144 82 Quickbooks has to get undone. This post covers all the aspects of this error including definition, symptoms, and factors that give you overall knowledge to understand the root of the error emergence.

In case, if you are not able to resolve the error on your own after performing all the methods mentioned above, then you are recommended to contact Quickbooks customer support experts. They are available round the clock for every QB user around the world. 

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