How to Resolve Quickbooks Error Code 77 From Your System

Quickbooks is the prominent accounting software developed by Intuit that changed the whole way of performing book-keeping exercises in a simple and easiest way. In the past few years, this software has been acquired by almost every small and mid-sized company to ease their book-keeping activities. It has accessibility on both online and on different devices like desktop, tablet, the phone which helped the organizations to achieve higher goals in business. Along with many useful features, users have to deal with several errors, one of these is QuickBooks Error 77.

Nonetheless, Quickbooks has many features that support its users to maintain their accounting books and help to achieve goals but at the same time, many of its users complain about glitches while using Quickbooks. Some of the errors are so difficult to understand and resolve, the users get irritated. Quickbooks Error 77 is one such error that occurs while accessing the Quickbooks company file.

If you are facing this error on your system then do not worry, read this post to the end. This post will make you understand every aspect of this error and also explain the solutions to fix this error in the simplest way. So let’s get started with the first topic of this post: what Quickbooks error 77 is.

What is Quickbooks Error 77?

Quickbooks error code 77 is a very common error that is generally encountered by its users while accessing the Quickbooks company file. This error occurs when there is some problem in the Quickbooks company file. Either the software can not peruse the path location of this error correctly. It can not define the place where this error triggered. 

When this error occurred, a message box pops up on the screen with an error message: Error 77: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close 

Quickbooks error 77

What Causes the Quickbooks error code 77?

There are a few reasons that cause Quickbooks error 77. Check out all the factors below:

  • If the Company file is located on the external media rather than local or a network drive.
  • QuickBooks is trying to open the Company file.
  • When you are running QuickBooks in multi-user mode, the Bit Defender security software is blocking the communication.
  • Incorrect Folder permissions are given in which the company file is located.

Now let’s get ahead to explore the solutions to end this error that occurs in Quickbooks and interrupts the workflow of the user. 

How To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 77?

Try out these solutions to resolve error 77 on your own. 

Solution 1: Use Quickbooks File doctors

  • First, download the QuickBooks File Doctor from the official site of Intuit.
  • Once the download is finished, save the setup file on the system.
  • After that, go to the qbfd.exe double-click on it to install the QuickBooks File Doctor, then follow the on-screen instructions.

file doctor -Error 77

  • When the installation is done the QuickBooks File Doctor opens up automatically. 
  • Now just look for the green wrench icon in the Windows Taskbar.
  • After that, use the drop-down list to select the company file that needs diagnosis.
  • The user can either click on the browse button to locate the company file in the list and then manually locate it to continue
  • Now choose one of the below-given options:
    1. File Damage and Network Connectivity – choose this option when you are encountering any suspected damage or view 6000 errors such as the  -6000 -82, -6000 -305, – 6000 -301, etc. while opening the QB company file.
    2. Only Network Connectivity – Select this option when you are facing network errors such as H202 or H303 or H505 while trying to open the Company file (network errors) in the Multi-user mode.

Quickbooks network connectivity error 77

  • Now the user has to enter the admin password and then choose the Company file and press the Next button.
  • In the next step, the user is required to select the Host/Server or the Workstation when the page is prompted on the screen
    1. Choose the Workstation option if you are looking to run the QuickBooks Company File Doctor on a Workstation. It also means that the QuickBooks file is now physically hosted on this device.
    2. Choose the Server option if you are running the File Doctor on the server computer.
    3. In case you are the only user, then select the Server option and utilize QuickBooks on only one System or single-user mode.
  • If you are asked to share the company file, then choose one of the following options.
  1. In case you are running the File Doctor on the server computer or host computer, then press YES
  2. In case you are running the File Doctor on the computer that is not hosting the company file then click on the NO option.
  • The above steps initiate the diagnosis process, now the user just has to wait till the file doctor completes the diagnosis.

Once the file doctor finishes its scanning procedure, it’s advised to go back to the company file and check whether the error is resolved or not. If not then get ahead to try another method.  

Solution 2: Rename the .ND and .TLG Files

  • First of all, the user has to go to the Local company File folder on the system.
  • Now navigate to the file with .ND and .TLG extensions
  • After that, double-click on both files one-by-one and select the rename option.
  • After selecting rename, add .OLD at the end of both file names such as Company.ND.OLD and Company.TLG.OLD respectively.
  • Once these steps are completed, go to the company file and check whether the error is gone or not.

If the error still persists then move to the next step to resolve error 77 from the system.

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Solution 3: Perform System File Checker on the Computer

  • Go to the Start button and navigate to the search field
  • Now type the command in the search field, but do not press enter key
  • Now hold the Ctrl + shift key on the keyboard together and then press the Enter key.

file checker error code 77

  • After a permission dialogue box prompted on the screen click yes in the box.
  • Now a blinking box will open up on the screen, now the user has to type SFC/Scannow in the box and then hit the enter button
  • The above steps will initiate the System File Checker that starts scanning the error and determines it.
  • Now the user is required to follow the on-screen commands and check whether the error is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Recreate the Damaged Folder

  • First of all, go to the C: drive and create a new folder there
  • Navigate to the folder where the company file folder is saved.
  • In the company file, select the .QBW file, such as company_file.qbw
  • Now, right-click on the .qbw file and select the Copy option
  • Now go to the new folder in C: Drive where you create one, and paste the file there.
  • Set Windows access permission to share company files
  • Now open the Quickbooks Desktop and navigate the new location to open the company file.

At last, the user has to check the system, if the error still continues then try the next method written below.

Solution 5: Use a UNC Path Instead of a Mapped Drive

  • The user has to close the Quickbooks and right-click on the Quickbooks Icon on the desktop
  • Press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select the Run as Administrator option 
  • Continuously hold the CTRL key until the No company Open Windows prompted on the screen.
  • In the No Company Open window, go to the File Menu and select the Open or Restore Company option
  • Now the next step is to choose the Open Company File Option and then hit on the Next option.
  • After the above steps, go to the left pane, select the Network option and then navigate to the location of the company file.
  •  Now, just select the company file and select the open option.

This may definitely erase the Quickbooks error 77 from your system


As the above solutions are explained in a detailed manner to resolve the Quickbooks error code 77 that occurs on your system. This post is all about error 77 and its related components. In this post, you will get to know a detailed intro to the error. As the intro ends, then you will read out the factors that triggered the error to emerge on your system.   

Hopefully, these methods help you as per your requirement. We explained each and every method with a step-by-step guide to ease your way in order to fix the error and get back to the work. Follow every method as explained and do not skip any of the steps for a quick and hassle-free result.  

In case, if you are unable to fix the error or all the above methods are failed to resolve the issue then you are recommended to contact Quickbooks customer support executives. They will assist you to get rid of this error from your system. You can opt to call on a toll-free number any time as they are available round-the-clock worldwide.       

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