QuickBooks Point of Sales Hardware Requirement: POS Equipment’s

QuickBooks POS Hardware

QuickBooks Point of Sales is a retail management software developed for retail stores and small businesses. The software offers features to manage the track the data of the sales, inventory, purchase, customer details, etc. It is famous in many business sectors including food chains, clothing outlets, retail stores, and many more.

QuickBooks provides an accounting solution to the businesses that manage the daily records with accuracy. There are different versions of QuickBooks available in the market. The software provides benefits and features according to the business’s needs. The software works best with the QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware and software.

How Quickbooks Increases Efficiency?

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sales helps to improve the overall growth of a business or start-up. It offers many advantages like:

  • QuickBooks POS helps to achieve precise data and minimize human errors.
  • It also provides the users a better data analysis.
  • The software helps to save the time and money of the user.
  • It improves the flexibility of the business and helps to track the real-time changes without any manual updating.

Required QuickBooks Point of Sales Hardware and Software

quickbooks point of sale hardware

However, you can not use the software on any hardware. QuickBooks POS required a certain kind of specification to function properly. We will discuss each of QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware below.

Operating System-

Users can not run QuickBooks Point of Sale on any operating system. If you are planning to buy the subscription make sure you are using the right version of the Operating System. Take the look at the list of the OS you can use for smooth use of the software.

  • Windows 10, all versions including 64-bit, natively installed.
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1), including 64-bit.
  • Windows Server 2016.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Windows Server 2011 SP1
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and SP2 
  • Windows 7 SP1.


Even if you are using a tablet, you need to use only a few specified tablets for working on the QuickBooks POS. Tablets with Windows 10 operating systems can be used for this purpose. The software is only compatible with Acer® Switch, Microsoft® Surface Pro, Microsoft® Surface Go, and Samsung® Galaxy Tab Pro.


The following specification should be considered before buying the retail software QuickBooks POS.

General Specification:
  • The system must have a disk space of 1 GB.
  • If the software is accessible to Multiple users then at least a 2.8 GHz processor is required. However, a 3.5 GHz processor is recommended for better performance.
  • The display of the device should be optimized for 1280 X 768 screen resolution or higher than that.
  • 4 X DVD ROM drive is required for the installation of the DVD. Unless the user has to download the software QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale from Intuit Server.
For Single User:
  • If the user is using the software alone then he/she would require at least 4 GB RAM. However, for better performance 6 to 8 GB RAM is recommended for installing the software in a single workstation.
  • Make sure your system has a 2.0 GHz processor. If your device has a 2.8 GHz processor then that would be the best for the software to work efficiently.
For Multi- Users:
  • If you are using the software for multiple users then ensure that your system has 8 GB of RAM for better performance and productivity.
  • Make sure the device has a 2.8 GHz processor. We recommend a 3.5 GHz processor.
  • For the multi-user configuration, all the users must have a separately purchased user license to access the account. And all the copies of Point of Sale must have the same level and version.

Required QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware and Operating System

Operating System
  • US version Windows
  • Natively Installed
  • Regional settings are supported when set to English
RAM Minimum required 4 GB. Recommended 8 GB.
  • Single User: Minimum 2 GHz (Recommended 8 GB)
  • Multiple Users: Minimum 2.8 GHz (Recommended 3.5 GHz)
Optical Drive
  • 4X DVD-ROM drive for CD/DVD
  • Unless you have to download the software QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sales from Intuit server.
Disk Space 1 GB disk space
Screen Resolution 1280 x 768 screen resolution or higher

Hardware Required to Create a Complete QuickBooks Point of Sales System

QuickBooks POS is a great tool for inventory management, information management, sales tracking, and securely stores all data. If you want to utilize all the features of QuickBooks POS efficiently, you would need a complete package of compatible hardware so that you can use the software to increase productivity and automate processes.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro

Along with Microsoft Surface Pro, QuickBooks POS allows using the software effortlessly. The combination of hardware and software generate bills, check the inventory, make the payments, create a purchase order, work on back-office tasks, and many more.

  • Barcode Scanner-quickbooks point of sale plus software & hardware

A Barcode scanner is another useful device for retail stores. However, the device is often overlooked while developing a Point of Sales system. The amazing hardware minimized the possibilities of human error in filling the details. It is easy to record the data and track the products by using a barcode scanner.

  • Cash Drawer-intuit quickbooks point of sale stand alone hardware

Most of the retail stores use the cash drawer to minimize the checkout time of the customers. The hardware helps in segregating the different currency notes, tracking the transactions, and records the sales.

Cash drawer also provides versatility at the entry-level price point. It is also safe to use as the device only opens after a successful transaction.

  • Receipt Printer-quickbooks point of sale plus software & hardware

The new POS receipt scanner replaced the old school receipt printer. It made the transaction very convenient for the customer as the printer can connect with any PC. it also allows making a duplicate of the receipt.


QuickBooks POS is very useful software. However, it is required to use appropriate and compatible hardware for the best results. The software is continuously improving its feature for better customer satisfaction. If you think that your system has not managed the load of the software and it is making the business less productive, then consider using the cloud solution of QuickBooks POS.

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