Quickbooks Point of Sale Reviews, Demo & Pricing

In this growing competition of the retailing market, it is tough to keep a regular track regarding customer satisfaction, inventory, and handling multiple stores simultaneously. This is where QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) comes in to make things easier.

It is a retail management software developed by Intuit. The software provides a user-friendly and straightforward setup procedure to manage inventory, sales, and purchase effortlessly. QuickBooks POS is taking the place of manual entry, cash registers, and the tiresome management of different stores. It helps the retailers with a bunch of activities including customer purchase history, refund discounts, barcode scanning, getting customer’s information (phone number, address, etc.), inventory tracking, and many more.

However, despite the great feature that the software provides to its consumers, the potential of the application is not living up to the mark. It is somewhere losing the race with its competitors due to the expensive subscription. Along with the great built-in integration, QB POS is lagging behind most of its challengers.

Recently the software has done some improvements like pairing with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 table, lowering the price, but still, it seems like users are having a difficult time adapting to the fast-growing competition.

Users can get QuickBooks POS in three versions- POS Basic, POS Pro, and POS Multi-Store. In this article, we will discuss all of these in detail along with the QuickBooks POS additional license cost. But before that lets us explore some important features of QuickBooks POS.

Features of QuickBooks POS

QB POS provides a helping hand to enhance the experience of the retailers and customers. The below are a few attractive features of the software.

Quickbooks POS Cost

  • Sales Optimization-

With the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale, the users can make transactions using the barcode scanner, the keyword of the item, and the item number. In the version of Pro and Multi-Store, the user can create price tags and customizable receipts.

  • Inventory Management-

QuickBooks POS provides real-time inventory management which saves its users from regular updations. The feature Inventory Management includes the customers’ orders, inventory forecasting, backorders, and tag customization.

The Multi-Store version of the software updates the master inventory at all stores so that customers can get what they are looking for.

  • Customer’s Information-

QuickBooks POS provides retailers to easily access the customer’s information. The user can also add new information like name, phone number, address, email, etc. The easily accessible information allows the user to reach potential customers during the announcement of any upcoming sales, offers, or any other marketing campaign.

  • Employees Management-

The Pro and Multi-Store version of the application also provides an additional feature to keep the track of the employees’ commissions, working hours, and performance. It also allows managing the payroll and updating the overall data to the QuickBooks accounting application.

  • Gift Cards and Discounts-

The amazing user-friendly software helps you to provide discounts, offers, or gift cards to your promising customers on their birthdays or other special occasions. It also helps to gain the customer’s trust and builds a strong relationship.

The customer history on the application also helps to know your customer better, which can be used in future marketing campaigns. The records on the QuickBooks POS provide informative data to get an insight into what their customers are interested in.

  • Hardware Compatibility-

One of the most attractive features of the software is compatibility. QB POS is compatible with a wide range of hardware devices including, receipt printers, Microsoft Surface Pro, cash drawer, tag printer, barcode scanner, etc.

  • Customer Support-

It is very easy to contact the customer service of the software by email, chat, and even call. The support team also provides articles, video tutorials, and a setup instruction manual.

Pricing of QuickBooks POS

Pricing is one of the main factors the software is losing its customers. Users can use the free version of the QuickBooks POS for 30 days without providing any credit card details. But how much does QuickBooks POS cost after that, is the real question. If you are looking for good retail management software, get ready to spend a bit on it. The following are the QuickBooks POS additional license costs alongside the features of each of the versions.

quickbooks pos ipad cost

POS Basic-

  • POS Basic helps to keep the records of the sales or profits.
  • This version also helps to accept contactless payments.
  • The Basic version of the QuickBooks POS also manages and tracks the inventory of the store.
  • It manages the data of customers’ information.
  • The user can use the software on more than one device.
  • One can also integrate the software with QuickBooks Desktop financial software.
  • Users can get a one-time subscription to the POS Basic at $1,200

POS Pro-

  • POS Pro helps its users to manage the records of profits and sales.
  • It provides a helping hand in managing and tracking the inventory.
  • The software efficiently keeps the customer’s data safe.
  • Users can use the POS Pro on more than one device simultaneously.
  • It also allows the users to generate purchase orders.
  • It integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software.
  • With the help of the applications, the users can effortlessly generate gift cards for their trusted customers.
  • It also creates rewards and loyalty programs.
  • POS Pro helps to manage the payroll and employees’ details.
  • It has the feature of advanced reporting.
  • The users can get a subscription to the POS Pro version at $1,700.

POS Multi-Store-

  • This version of the QuickBooks POS helps to manage the sales records.
  • It also ensures contactless cash transactions.
  • It also manages and tracks the inventory details of the store.
  • It has the feature of eCommerce integration.
  • The software manages the customer details including name, numbers, address, etc.
  • It integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software.
  • POS Multi-Store provides a loyalty and rewards program.
  • It also manages payroll and details of employees.
  • The software has the ability to manage multiple stores.
  • It also can manage the transfer of inventory between stores.
  • Users can buy the subscription of the POS Multi-Store at $1,900.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every product has some benefits and drawbacks, so does QuickBooks POS.


  • Provides gift cards.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Very expensive.
  • It has poor customer service.

There are many POS software in the market, but the features QuickBooks POS provides the users to choose according to their business is incredible. The QB POS enhances the experience of customers. It also provides an easy interface with the iPad. QuickBooks POS iPad cost may vary from $999 to $1,999.