Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier through QuickBooks Online

Are you getting bored of using Quickbooks Enterprise? Or the expense of this version is now unbearable for you? Then it’s advised to convert Quickbooks enterprise to Pro version of Quickbooks. But there‘s a catch if you upgrade the version from Quickbooks enterprise to Quickbooks Pro then you need to convert your data too between both versions. Check out the post below to know all the facts to convert Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier.

convert QuickBooks enterprise to pro software

This ultimate guide will tell you the difference between both versions and also define the reason for switching versions from Enterprise to Pro.

Get an Idea About What Quickbooks is?

This ultimate guide will tell you the difference between both versions and also defines the reason for switching versions from Enterprise to Pro. 

As we all know Quickbooks is the first choice when it comes to choosing an efficient software to manage our accounting system. It is designed by Intuit, for the betterment of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of managing the book-keeping activity of their business. QuickBooks is known for its rich features and user-friendly interface along with Cloud-based data. With cloud-based data, you don’t need to wait for the file to receive or download, you just have to have a good internet connection and you are good to go. You can easily access Quickbooks from anywhere, anytime, on any device as it is also responsive for mobile and tab.

there are different versions are available to download Quickbooks desktop. You can opt for any version as per your requirement. These versions are:

  • Quickbooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • Quickbooks Enterprise   

All the above versions of Quickbooks are effective and useful accounting solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. If a person is specifically interested in Quickbooks desktop products then he/she would go for the Quickbooks Pro or Quickbooks Enterprise version. Both the versions are the same in functionality but with different incapacity.

On one hand, Quickbooks enterprise is one of the most extensive desktop products that Quickbooks offers for large and quickly growing businesses that need the most functionality from their accounting software.

On the other hand, Quickbooks Pro is the basic and simple version of Quickbooks desktop products that is enough for small-scale businesses which have few simultaneous users.

Why Convert Quickbooks Enterprise To Pro Software

If a user purchased a version of Quickbooks enterprise at an earlier stage for a few years and now he/she wants to switch to Quickbooks Pro or Premier. Then the user must have certain reasons to convert the Quickbooks Enterprise file to Pro.

  • If you operate a business that has less than 14.500 items such as products, vendors, or customers, you need to convert Quickbooks enterprise to Pro software.
  • In comparison to Pro, Quickbooks Enterprise is way more expensive
  • Pro or premier versions of Quickbooks provide the same benefits and advantages to users as Quickbooks enterprise.

As the above paragraph gives you a reason to import your data from Quickbooks enterprise to Quickbooks Pro or Premier. This whole conversion process will be processed under Quickbooks online. We are going to use Quickbooks Online (QBO) to import the Quickbooks Enterprise data to Quickbooks ProFile. QBO is a pass-through conversion tool that helps the user to easily transfer the data from QBES to QB Pro. But, before hopping to the conversion step, you need to accomplish some tasks that are essential for the importing process. 

Things to Remember Before Conversion

  • Make sure the Quickbooks company file must be under 350,000 targets, if it is over the limit then, you should trim the Quickbooks windows file for import.
  • Create a Quickbooks online free trial account at
  • Use admin credentials to log into Quickbooks
  • Create a backup of your QB company file.
  • Make sure to use Internet Explorer to run Quickbooks.
  • You are only allowed to transfer data within the first 60 days of the Quickbooks Online company start date.

Note: if you fulfilled all the instructions as defined above, then there’ a possibility that the Quickbooks desktop file will replace the entire QB online file and overwrite any existing information.

Avoid any Unresponsiveness glitches during the Import Process of Quickbooks Data 

  • First, the user has to pon the Internet Explorer
  • Now press ALT+T keys together to open the Tool Menu
  • After that, select the Internet option from the bottom and then navigate to the Security option.
  • In the Security tab, uncheck the box beside the  Enable Protected Mode option.
  • After unchecking the box, stay on the same page and  go to the sites option there
  • Now, add and to the Trusted Sites option, then click on the Close button.
  • After that, click on the Zone option along with the Internet option which is seen as a Globe on the Security tab.
  • Drag the slider to Low or medium-level on Security Level.
  • Now, after the above steps, click on the Apply button and then OK 
  • Finally, you need to close the Internet Explorer and re-open it, and then initiate the convert QuickBooks enterprise to pro or premier procedure through Quickbooks online.

Step to Convert Quickbooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online Before Converting to Pro/Premier     

 Follow the below steps to initiate conversion from Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks Online.

Convert QB Enterprise To Pro

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to Quickbooks online.
  2. Make a backup file of Quickbooks files onto the local Computer. After that, restore the backup file to create a second copy and use the second copy in the conversion process, so if anything goes wrong the original file will be safe. 
  3. Now, open the QB enterprise on the system and open the Products information tab by pressing the Ctrl + 1 key together.
  4. After opening the Product info tab, press the Ctrl + b followed by Ctrl +q keys one after another.
  5. Now, close the Product info window by clicking on the oK button
  6. A pop-up window will automatically come up on the screen, if not then repeat the second point one more time. 
  7. In the pop-up window, you should type-in the QB online login credentials
  8. Now, click on the Agree button for the terms and conditions and then click on the submit button.
  9. In the next step, you have to choose a company for which you want to import the data info. 

Note: If the company file is too large to import then you will only see options for importing lists and balances. 

    10. Now after the completing above steps precisely as direct, you successfully import the data from QB                       enterprise to QB Pro.

Now, your Quickbooks Enterprise data is converted into Quickbooks online. It’s time to import the data to Quickbooks Pro or Premier from Quickbooks Online.

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Importing Data of Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks Pro or Premier  through Quickbooks Online 

Like the above method, transfer all your QB enterprise data to Quickbooks online. When your file gets set up and starts running on QB online. You can use Internet Explorer to import the QB online file into the backup for the desktop. You just have to change the URL to in the browser window. To do so, you have to follow the below-given instructions:

  1. First, you have to make sure ActiveX Controls are installed, and for that click on the Continue option.
  2. Now, choose the All Financial Data option there to import your entire file. you can either choose the All financial data without transactions option to start fresh, which will bring over balances but not the history. You can always refer to your old QB Enterprises file if needed.
  3. Once the file has been exported, the next step is the conversion.
  4. Now, Open the QB Desktop on the screen where you have to pick a company file to open.
  5. In QB Online, you have to click on the convert button to import the file from QB Online to Quickbooks Pro. 
  6. Once the above steps are completed, don’t forget to cancel the QBO trial subscription that came up on the screen.
  7. After the conversion process, you have to set the browser to its default setting by following these steps:
  • Go to the Internet Explorer, and then press and hold the ALT+T key together to open the Tools Menu. From here you have to navigate to Internet Options at the bottom of the window, and after that, you have to select the Security tab at the top of the screen.
  • Now go to the Reset all zones to default level and click on it, then click Apply, then press the OK, and at last close the Internet Explorer.

Now you successfully convert QuickBooks enterprise to pro software.  Congratulations! You did it on your own with help of this post. 

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Hopefully, the above paragraph in the post will help you out in the process to convert Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks pro, and you already import the data. This post will assist you to wait for each and every fact that you need for the conversion of the data between QBEP and QB Pro. In this post, we will use QuickBooks Online as a thorough path to import the data.

If you are enabled to convert the Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks Pro then you are advised to contact Quickbooks Enterprise support executives. They are always ready to help you as they are available 24X7. You can call them on a toll-free number from anywhere in this world. They work worldwide to help QB users.