Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Download the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and fix the issues that are being generated by those quickbooks errors.

Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool is created to redeem networking and multi-user error occurs in the company file of Quickbooks. As we all know, Quickbooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. This is an American software development company, which developed much other software related to Quickbooks accounting software such as Quickbooks install Diagnostic Tool, Quickbooks Tool Hub, and of course Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

Every software is developed for a reason that conquers the errors that occurred in Quickbooks. Yes, you heard it right, error in Quickbooks. Even though Quickbooks is a powerful software to maintain every bit of accounting and book-keeping work. This is so popular worldwide among almost every small and medium-sized companies, they eagerly have this software in their system to create Payroll, make the bill payment, record all type of transactions, calculate taxes, a reminder for future payments, and also maintain profit and loss statements that may get wrong if it prepares by human itself. Quickbooks maintains the book of accounting in a proper manner but sometimes it stopped working because of some errors and faults in the Quickbooks company file.  

When Quickbooks suffered from any networking error that interrupts the user to open Quickbooks because of connectivity loss. Quickbooks Company file also provides multi-user mode, where multiple users can access the same company file at the same time from anywhere because Quickbooks hosting is a cloud-based software and works on good network connectivity. Now it’s easy to understand that when there are any issues that arise in network connectivity users can not access the Quickbooks company file. 

In order to know more about the Quickbooks Diagnostic connection tool, read out the post to the end. This post contains all the queries related to your requirements and needs. 

What is Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool? 

The tool designed, developed, and marketed by Intuit namely, the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool is capable of resolving all types of errors related to Network connectivity and multi-user in the Quickbooks Company file. This tool is an essential feature that can be easily availed by QB users, as it is offered by Intuit without any extra charges. The QB tool is specially designed to deal with H Series and 6000 series errors. With the help of this tool, the user can develop an appropriate sufficient connection with the other application such as Quickbooks database manager and Quickbooks Company records. 

QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection tool

The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool is only compatible with MS Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Additionally, it only supports Quickbooks 2008 version and newer or Quickbooks enterprise Solution 8.0 or newer. To enjoy the feature of the Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool the users have to fulfill the requirements mentioned above.

List of Error Redeemed by Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool 

  • Database connectivity Error
  • Unwanted Quickbooks 6000 series error such as- Error -6150, Error -6000 -82, Error -6000 -301, Error -6147, Error -6103
  • Connection loss to Quickbooks Database 
  • Missing, or Damaged, or Virus affected Quickbooks File
  • Multi-user Error or H series error i.e. error H101, error H202, error H303, H505 
  • Windows Firewall Port Issues.
  • The system registry containing damaged files.

What Work Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Do?

When the user encountered the above-mentioned error in their Quickbooks Company file, it is recommended to run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to resolve the errors. These are some of the facts a file undergoes the QB tool for the diagnosis process.

  • It configured poor window firewall settings
  • This tool can resolve the issues with the access of Quickbooks Database.
  • This tool is helpful when the employee’s list entries are lost.
  • Quickbooks Diagnostic connection tool solves the error of damaged or corrupted files in no time.
  • When the user encounters empty or blank space in the customer’s list QB tool solves this issue too.
  • This tool also helps when the vendor list shows blank space. 

Now, this post gives abundant information about QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. It’s time to move ahead to learn the download & installation process and how to use this tool later on. 

Download and Install Quickbooks Diagnostic Tooldownload QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

When the user wants to download Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool on their system in order to resolve errors in the QB company file, the user just has to follow some simple and easy steps to ease the download process. But before heading towards the download process, users need to have a good internet connection to their system to complete the process without any obstacle. Now go ahead with steps:

Download process

Step1: In the first step, the user is required to go to the official site of Intuit to download the Quickbook Connection Diagnostic tool and save the aforementioned file in the system.

Step 2: Now, for the safe side, close all the running applications running in the background of your system. 

Step 3: In the next step, the user has to open the installer file QBInstall_tool_vs.exe on the system and click on the Next button to start the installation process. 

Step 4: After the installation process completes, the user is required to reboot the system. 

Installation Process 

Step 1: The user has to make sure that there are no other earlier or outdated version applications lying in the system. If there is an earlier version installed in the system, uninstalled it for better installation of the QB connection Diagnostic Tool. having an earlier version may trouble the installation process.

Step 2: In the next step, the user is required to visit the OEM website and download the installation package and extract the file from the system. 

Step 3: Now, the user has to open up the setup and follow the instruction in the manual information. 

Step 4: The next step is to Open the Tool to use it.     

Steps to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

Now the tool is downloaded, the user is required to move ahead to install the Quickbooks tool with some below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: After the installation process is successfully completed, the QB tool starts up automatically. Do not open the corrupted file now. 

Step 2:

  • Now go to the Menu file and select the Utilities option.
  • Then navigate to the repair file option in the list.
  • Now, select the Network Problem Tab to open it.

Step 3: After that, go to the browse option to visit the Directory that acquires the Company file that needs to diagnose.

Step 4: If a single user is using the software, then using the network connectivity option is not required. It should be noted that many issues are expected to be rooted in the corruption of the file. However, connectivity issues could be the reason behind the occurrence of any kind of error.

Step 5:

  • Now Click on the Show Advance Settings option and a list of items in a drop-down will appear.
  • After that, select the issues that relate to your current problem.

Step 6: Once the message box prompts, log in with the admin password and click on the Ok button.

Step 4: Select one option whether you are using a Host system or workstation PC. 

Step 5: Now select the QB Diagnostic Connection Tool, now the user prompted the scan over the file. Now the user has to wait for a while until the diagnosis process is going on. 

Once the repair process is completed, the user can open the company file and get back to their work. 

Tabs Within QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool

QB Connection Diagnostic Tool firewall status

Diagnose Connection Tab

The Diagnose Connection tab enables the QB users to make sure that they are able to access the company data file from the computer, no matter if it’s single-user or multi-user. The error code appears again & again if the permissions are not set accurately, or if it has blocked ports or firewalls.

Firewall Status Tab

The Firewall Status feature shows the basic instruction about the firewall on the display.

Test Connectivity Tab

This feature will enable you to check the workstation or computer connectivity.

Procedure to test the computer’s connectivity

  • Firstly, tap on the button closer to the company file field, in order to pinpoint the company file.
  • After that, the user is required to use Linux systems only in case the network setup is in Alternate mode, the user may choose the change hosting server checkbox.
  • The point to remember is that before the user accesses the connectivity test, all the statuses occur as “Not Applicable” in blue.
  • Lastly, after the user carries out the test, the statuses will appear in green or red.
  • After that, the user is required to Test Connectivity.
  • If the file open status occurs in Red representing that the test has failed, the advanced section will widen to show all places that were checked.
  • The user might click what do these mean?
  • Run the tool for a second time after fixing the applicable statutes, the user is required to run the tool once more for any additional issues.
  • The user will find that the successful message comes into sight on the server and then replicate the steps to each client computer that has QuickBooks installed.
  • Also, try to be a little tolerant, till the time tool is operational. This tool might take a certain time to identify and fix the issues.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Some of the benefits and advantages that QuickBooks connection diagnostic provides to its users. Such as: 

  • Fix various errors instantly
  • Saves the time and efforts consumed in the fixation procedure. 
  • Also, fix the multi-user error. 
  • All installation errors can be easily detected and diagnosed. 
  • Resolve the outdated entries included by employees. 
  • Troubleshoot the update issues.  
  • Fix issues within the components such as MSXML, C++, Microsoft.Net Framework. 

What to do When QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Not Work?

Well, QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool also brings several problems when the related components and files got corrupted. So, you need to take care of it and try to resolve the issue with the following troubleshooting outlined below. 

Troubleshooting 1: Use Selective Startup to Install QuickBooks

Troubleshooting 2: Manually Resolve Issues within the Microsoft Components

Troubleshooting 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

Troubleshooting 4: Update Windows to Install Missing Updates related to MSXML, .NET framework, and C++

As the above writing, it’s assumable that it clears all the questions related to Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool. In this post, we discuss the QB tool to fix the error that occurs in the Quickbooks Company file in the first place. After that this post redirects you to all the errors that this tool can fix. Later on, this post also includes the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool Download and Installation process with detailed steps. How to use this Qb tool is also explicit in this post including their different tabs and their usages in the process to redeem the errors. With the help of this tool, a user can perform a diagnosis process on Quickbooks company file and release the error on its own. But if you feel that you are unable to perform the task it is advised to contact the customer support experts of Quickbooks for further assistance. They are available on phonetic calls or chat process 24X7.