QuickBooks Update Error 12029| Try these Methods to Resolve

Quickbooks accounting software is the ultimate software that is using by millions of small and mid-sized enterprises worldwide. This software is well renowned as well as a versatile application that helps its users to maintain their accounting activity without any fault. With the help of Quickbooks, its users may manage vendors, employees, customers, service, and many more easily stored. This software is technology savvy that saves time and effort for the users and manages data in an organized manner. But with many helpful features users also face a wide range of errors including QuickBooks Error 12029.

Quickbooks update error 12029 is a common error that often occurred in Quicbkoos while attempting any updating process. This error mainly emerged in Quickbooks due to misconfigured system files in the operating system of windows. If you are also encountering this error on your system then you have to read this post to the end. This post covers all the possible methods to fix this error in a very precise manner if the methods applied perfectly. 

By the recommendation of many experts, this error has to fix as soon as possible to continue work on the Quickbooks. This post will make you able to resolve the error on your own. But before knowing the methods to solve the error it’s important to know more about his error. So let’s get ahead to this post.

Quickbooks Update Error 12029 

Quickbooks error 12029 is related to network timeout. When this error occurred, the updating procedure of Quickbooks is failed. This happens because Quickbooks is not getting an IP address and the server has a weak connection. We can say that this is a basic error that the QB users are facing on their system. When backend servers are unable to reciprocate to Quickbooks within the allotted time period, Quickbooks payroll update error 12029 arrives.

As there are many reasons behind this error to occurs and also there are several methods to solve this error in no time without any hassle. Even though, you can easily fix this error on your own without other’s involvement with its solution guide explained below. But, before the solution, you are required to know the reason to ease your way to erase the error.  

Reason Behind The Quickbooks Payroll Update Error 12029

The following points are the factors that triggered the Quickbooks error 12029 updating to occurred. 

  • An internet connection issue.
  • Internet security or firewall is perhaps blocking the connection.
  • Internet Browser is not set as the default browser.
  • The SSL setting is inappropriate.
  • Network timeout during updating procedure
  • When the Windows system is damaged
  • The system file or .exe file is damaged or infected via a virus

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Quickbooks Update Error 12029

method to resolve the error

By performing these solutions you can resolve the Quickbooks update error 12029 on your own. You just have to make sure that after applying every method, check the Quickbooks desktop whether the error is fixed or not. Only initiate the next method when the previous one does not work appropriately. 

Solution 1: Check Internet Connectivity

  • First, go to the Internet connection setup 
  • After that, select the Use My Computer’s Internet Connection setting 
  • Now, click on the Next option and then hit the done option later.
  • After completing these step try to update the Quickbook to check the error persist or not.

If the error still interrupting the updating process, try the next method.

Solution 2: Configure SSL Setting

  • The user has to first click on the Start Button and go to the Help Menu
  • Now select the Internet Connection Setting
  • After that,  the user has to make sure the Quickbooks uses the internet connection of the system, click on the Next button, and then select the Advance Connection setting option.
  • Now the user has to check the internet properties and then click on the Advanced tab
  1. Checkmark on the Use SSL 2.0
  2. Checkmark on the Use SSL 3.0
  • After that, select the connect opinion and then hit on the Ok button
  • Now, the user has to close the Quickbooks and restart it again
  • Go to the help icon and then select the update now option to update the Quickbooks 

Steps to Configure SSL settings in Internet Explorer outside of the Quickbooks:

  • First, open the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser
  • Now go to the Tools and select the Internet Option
  • After that, the user has to tap on the Advanced Tab
  • Go to SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 and marked the check box beside both options.

internet explorer Quickbooks error 12029 fix

  • Finally, the user has to click on the Apply option and then hit the Ok button to close the current Window.  

Now the user has to check whether the Quickbooks still has the error or not. If the Quickbooks error 12029 updating still interfere with the update procedure then try out the next solution

Solution 3: Run the System As Administrator 

  • To initiate, click on the Start button from the bottom left of the Display screen.
  • Now go to the search field and type Command in it. 
  • When Command prompt option visible on the screen, right-click on it and choose the option Run as Administrator.

Quickbooks error 12029 updating

  • After that, the user has to return to the start button and go to the All Program option and then choose the Accessories option.
  • Inside the Accessories, select the System tool and then go to the System Restore option.
  • Now, after the above step, the user has to choose the Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time option and then hit on the Next button.

error 12029 Quickbooks

  • After that, a list will open up on the screen choose the System Restore point option and then click on the Next button.
  • Through these steps, a confirmation window will pop-up on the screen click on the Next button there.

restore system

  • Finally, the user to open the Quickbooks and verify the Quickbooks update error 12029 is resolved or no.

If the error still misbehaving with the updating process then the user has recommended trying the next method to resolve it.

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Solution 4:  Update the Internet Explorer

If you are a QuickBooks user then it’s important to update the Internet Explorer on your system, because Quickbooks generally uses Internet Explorer to function. Follow these step to update Internet Explorer

Quickbooks error 12029 updating

  • Go to the Browser and click on the Tools option 
  • Inside the Tools, choose the Internet option 
  • After that, go to the Security tab, and click on the Globe Icon there to set Medium-high for the security setting.
  • Now the user has to click on the content button to disable content advisor.
  • After the above steps, choose the connection tab and select the Never Dial a Connection option.  

internet setting- qb error 12029

  • Now that you complete the above instruction, go to the LAN setting and checkmark the box beside the automatically detect setting option.
  • If Port 80 shown in the port section, make sure to check the proxy checked
  • Now, click Ok on the LAN setting screen
  • After that go to the Advanced Tab and check the boxes beside the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 option   

Quickbooks error 12029 fix

  • At last, just click on the Ok button and close the internet option window
  • After that, the user has to restart the Computer and Quickbooks.
  • Now, update Quickbooks to check whether the Quickbooks payroll update error 12029 persists or not.

Winding Up!

We discussed the Quickbooks error 12029 in this post to help you out from this error and let you get back to your work. This post covered all the major information related to this error. The post starts with an elementary introduction of this error and then moves ahead with the actors that triggered the error to emerge. Once the into and factors are delivered this post describes every possible method to resolve the Quickbooks payroll update error 12029 in detail. Al the above methods supported with a step-by-step guide to ease the way for the users. By applying this method correctly, the error will definitely erase from the system.

In case, if the error persists after applying all the above methods or you are unable to apply any of the errors on your own then you are advised to contact Quickbooks customer support executive for expert advice. They will provide a precise solution to your every query. Feel free to call them anytime because they are 24X7 available on a toll-free number to assist every Quickbooks user.


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