How to Deal with QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Firewall Error?


how to fix quickbooks firewall error

The era of technology demands each and every task quickly and hassle-free. Intuit, an American software development company comes up with exactly matchable features that make work easy, fast, without fault and hassle, and even in less time. Quickbooks accounting software is the one that is desirable software for every small and medium-sized company. It made accounting and book-keeping activities easier than the old-time with its user-friendly interface.

But despite being outstanding software Quickbooks get vulnerable when any of the QB error occurs in it. Sometimes many Quickbooks users encountered issues and glitches while working on Quickbooks that hinders the workflow. These errors are totally removable but sometimes these errors might be harmful to your system and data.

Quickbooks Firewall error is one of the QB errors that occurred in Quickbooks while accessing company files. This error hinders communication between Quickbooks and the company file. To know more about this error you are supposed to read this post to the end. As this post covers QuickBooks error+windows firewall: disabled exceptions not defined.

Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Firewall Error / Cannot Communicate With Company File Issue

Quickbooks firewall error is a common error that is generally encountered by many QB users. This error interrupts the QB users while accessing Quickbooks company files. Basically, when this error occurred it indicates users to configure the firewall software.  

When this error arrives, a dialogue box with an error message pops up on the screen and crashes the currently open windows. This error message stating:  “It appears that the Quickbooks software on computer OWNER-PC is set up to allow shared access to the company file, but the Quickbooks software on your computer is unable to communicate with it.” 

quickbooks cannot communicate with the company file

Additionally, this error also occurred when Quickbooks users are trying to the Network company file. This situation came to light when the users update their operating system or software to its latest release. There are several issues that relate with the Quickbooks company files, so you need to keep an eye on all such errors that relate to the company file as each of these errors have different methods to resolve them. QuickBooks won’t open the company file is another such issue that occurs related to the company file.

There are other several reasons that define QuickBooks multi-user mode firewall error that is explained in the next paragraph. Have a look at it to know more about the error. 

Factors That Causes The QuickBooks Firewall Error

Acknowledging the factors before exploring or applying any of the methods to resolve Quickbooks firewall errors on the system. After reading the above paragraph, it is clear that this error is totally related to network connectivity that blocked by the Firewall. Let’s take a tour to explore the reasons behind this error.

  • The first and foremost reason behind this error might be if the installed firewall on the system is not configured properly or installed on the network.
  • QuickBooks multi-user mode firewall error occurs when the server connection has been lost.
  • The Quickbooks database Server manager is not working on the Server.
  • When the.ND file is damaged or missing, Quickbooks Firewall error occurred.
  • If the DNS (Domain Name System) setting is wrong, this error hits hard on the system.

When you have information about the factors that triggered the error to emerge then you have the possibility to stop this error before occurring. You can simply cut the roots of this in advance to avoid this error in the future.

Now let’s proceed further to explore the solution to resolve the QuickBooks multi-user mode firewall error on your own. 

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Firewall Error

Here are the following methods that help the users to execute this error in no time. 

METHOD 1 Configure Windows and Third-Party Firewall 

To resolve the Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Firewall error, the user has to perform the configuration of windows and a third-party firewall. This method can resolve the error in two steps:

Step 1: Through Quickbooks Setup

  • First of all the user has to make sure that, the Quickbooks installed on the system is updated to its latest release.
  • Now log in to your QuickBooks application as an Administrator with admin credentials.
  • If QuickBooks is running as Administrator or it has elevated mode (shield on the desktop icon) then the user has to run Axis as Administrator too.
  • Now the user has to check that the system meets the minimum systems requirements to use Zed Axis System Requirements. 
  • After the above steps, close all the crashed instances of QuickBooks (qbw32.exe), by using the windows task manager icon that is located on the desktop.

download (QuickBooks firewall error windows 7) repair tool

  • Now make sure you have only one QuickBooks company file open on the system while performing this task.
  • If a user connects directly to QuickBooks and is unable to remove or delete the old connection, then follow the path by clicking on the Edit>> Preference List>> Integrated Application List.
  • Now finally, the user has to try to establish a new connection.

If this method also did not work well to resolve the error then the user has to apply the next step engraved in the below paragraph. 

Step 2: Refresh the Quickbooks Interface Files, Continuously

When the Company files are not supported to the Quickbooks interface or the files are corrupted, the Quickbooks firewall error is initiated.

To resolve this error the user has to refresh the QB Interface files repeatedly through the following path:

  • First of all the user has to take a backup of the company file to avoid any data damage.
  • Now, the user has to find the Reeboot.bat file. To do so go to the C: Drive on the system
  • Click on the Program file and then navigate to the Intuit option 
  • Inside Intuit window, select the Quickbooks to right-click on it, and choose Run as Administrator.
  • After that, the user has to Reboot the Computer and again try to connect the system to one other. 

METHOD 2 Download Quickbooks Update

QuickBooks error +windows firewall: disabled exceptions not defined

  • First of all, open the Quickbooks desktop and got o the Help Menu 
  • Now click on the Update Quickbooks Option under the Help menu
  • After that, click on the Update Now option here.
  • Now that you followed all the above steps, now you have to checkmark in the box under the Update now tab.
  • Reste update to delete all the update downloads. This will help you to improve the amount of time required for the update.
  • After that, select the Get updates option.
  • If there is any update available for Quickbooks, the Quickbooks will automatically start to download the latest release.
  • After the update installation procedure completes, the user has to restart the system
  • While restarting the system, allow all the positive options to install the new release.    

METHOD 3  Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks error +windows firewall: disabled exceptions not defined

  • Firstly, the user has to download QB file Doctor from the official site of Intuit. 
  • After the download save the setup file and Install it on your system
  • Now run the Quickbooks file doctor on the file that needs diagnosis
  • When Quickbooks file doctors start scanning the file wait until the process completes.
  • Once the process is finished, restart the system

Its recommended to every user, whoever applying this method on its system to resolve the Quickbooks firewall error, check whether the error is fixed or not. If not then move to the next method.

METHOD #4  Verify Hosting on the Workstation   

When the user is using Multi-user mode to access the company file, the user has to make sure that only one computer should host the company file. Follow the below steps to turn off the Multi-user access on the Workstation. 

  • First of all, the user has to launch Quickbooks on the workstation.
  • After launching the company, do not open the Company file, the user has to go to the File menu ad then navigate to the Utilities option
  • Inside the Utilities List, click on the Workstation option rather than the Multi-User Access option.
  • Now search for the option Stop hosting Multiuser access in the list, find it, and click on it.

download (QuickBooks firewall error windows 7) repair tool

Now, the user has checked all the workstations, go to the server computer and reset the hosting setting there.

  • In this section, the user has to start the Quickbooks on the server computer
  • Now, go to the File menu and choose the Utilities option
  • Inside the Utilities list, the user has to make sure to choose Host Multi-user access and click on it. 
  • After that, repeat the same process and choose to stop hosting Multi-user access.
  • The user has to repeat the same procedure 2-3 times in a row, this will reset the multi-user mode.

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Cannot Communicate With The Company File Summary

Regarding the above information, the error your system is encountering is caused by a network issue. This post will let you know all the solutions to resolve Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Firewall Error on your own without any hassle in no time. 

There are several errors that might occur in Quickbooks and hinders the workflow. But not to worry about any of the errors, visit our website OpenCloudmanifesto to explore more errors and solutions that can be occurred in Quickbooks. 

Talking about this post that covered Quickbooks Firewall Error, has all the informatic aspects about this error, from definition to the factors that triggered the error to occur, to the Methods that help users to resolve this error. Hopefully, this post will help you in fixing the error and let you get back to the work.

In case, you applied every method but every method failed to erase the error then you are recommended to contact Quickbooks customers su[pport executives. They are 24X7 available to help QB users worldwide. You can contact them on a toll-free number to seek assistance in order to fix Quickbooks errors.    

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