Fix Quickbooks Found an Error When Parsing The Provided Xml Text Stream with Two different Method

-2147220480 quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream.

Are you the one who’s facing “QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream” in Quickbooks then you are in the right place. This post will make you aware of the error along with this you will get to know the actual reason behind this error. 

As we all know Quickbooks is the most popular and versatile software to maintain accounting and book-keeping of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through this software, a user can perform almost every intricate task of accounting that may get wrong or take time if a human does it on its own. Payroll Management, Inventory Tracking, preparing Profit & Loss statement, Tax Calculation, customizing Receipts, Bill Payments, and many other tasks can be done through Quickbooks in no time and with no hassle. But, like other software Quickbooks also get errors while running. Many of the QB users encountered such an error that interrupts the workflow of business and Quickbooks desktop gets stopped.

Today, we are going to discuss open such QB error 0x80040400: Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream in this post. So, without any further delay, let’s take a tour of this error to know more about it.

0x80040400: Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream

When the post applied to Quickbooks this error arrives. If the Direct connect method is being used to connect the ESC, then the “Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream” appears in the ESC Client. The user also encountered this error when Quickbooks connects with ESC by using ESC Accounting Server. The result of this error is referred to as ESC hang.

Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream

As you get to know the definition of this error you should definitely know the reason behind this error. Read ahead to know the factors of this error in detail and later on, we will discuss the solution to resolve the error form the system completely.

Factors That Cause -2147220480 Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream   

There are several reasons behind this error but some of the major are mentioned below:

  • The very first reason would be a special character that Quickbooks does not support.
  • Using invalid symbols could arise this error
  • When ESC sends Quickbooks any invalid characters in xml data, the error occurred.
  • There is one more reason behind occurring this error is when you directly paste the data to ESC from any other program. 

Knowing the reason behind the error is a good way to solve the error in an easy way. Now let’s get to explore the methods to fix this error. 

The solution to Fix QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream

These are solutions that fix QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream, from your system.

Solution 1: Rewrite ESC

  • First of all, you’ve got to open the Sales menu and then choose the  Invoice List view.
  • Now, below the Views panel, spot the Unposted Invoices list.
  • After that, you are required to mention the invoice numbers of all unposted invoices. those you’re seeking to post to QuickBooks.
  • Next, visit the Post to QuickBooks screen.
  • In the File menu, you’ve got to post every invoice severally.
  • You will have to be compelled to continue posting invoices one by one till the error seems.
  • Doing this may assist you to make out that the invoice has illicit characters in it.
  • Now, you will launch the invoice within the Sales Invoicing screen in ESC.
  • And then, review every point.
  • In case, there’s any text that contains a point that was traced from outside and glued within the invoice off ESC. you’ll have to be compelled to eliminate that text, you’ll retype an equivalent knowledge manually.
  • This will take away the hidden information or characters that are traced to ESC.
  • You can conjointly explore distinctive characters or symbols that are utilized in the outline of the Associate in Nursing item.
  • Now save again the info once the invoice has been corrected.
  • Again navigate to the Post to QuickBooks screen. within the File menu post that invoice to QuickBooks. The invoice should be corrected currently. Check for the presence of the error.

Now check your Quickbooks to ensure the error still persists or not, if yes then move ahead to the next solution.

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Solution 2: Erase Illegal Characters from xml File 

  • Open the beginning menu or begin screen in Windows and kind in %APPDATA% then hit Enter.
  • When the appliance knowledge folder seems on the screen, open the ESC folder from the list.
  • Delete the QBXML.log file from the contents of this folder.
  • Try to post to QuickBooks once more. It ought to produce a constant error. Click okay to shut.
  • If connecting to QuickBooks through the ESC Accounting Server, the ESC consumer can droop. Use task manager to finish the program then restart it.
  • The QBXML.log file would have regenerated within the Application Data\ESC directory upon making an attempt to post. Open the QBXML.log file and consider the last entry. it’ll show the group action that caused the error.
  • Open that record in ESC and seek illegal characters. take away them and resave the record.
  • Try the post once more.


Regarding all the above methods, I hope, you successfully resolve the 0x80040400: Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream on your own. This post explained every bit of this error in an explanatory manner along with the reasons.

As this post helps you out to fix the error then congratulations! If not then you are advised to take help from Quickbooks customer support experts. They are 24X7 available to help you out in this situation when you stuck with any QB errors. You can call them on a toll-free number and serve every QB user worldwide. They will surely help you out erasing this error from the system in a precise manner.

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