How To Fix Quickbooks 2009 Update Error 12007?

No doubt Quickbooks is an amazing accounting software developed to support small and mid-size companies worldwide. Every entrepreneur and non-profitable organization’s owners are acquiring Quickbooks to maintain their accounting responsibilities without any mistakes and that too without wasting much time. So, it’s really important to regularly update this software for further use without any abrupt error. But sometimes users of Quickbooks may face errors while updating the Quickbooks to its latest release and interrupt the updating process entirely.

QuickBooks error 12007 is one of the errors that occur in the middle of updating Quickbooks or updating Quickbook’s basic payroll service. To know more about this error read this post to the wrap-up segment. 

This post will help you to understand this error more easily and also describe the factors behind the error that triggered the error to emerge. This post covers every possible solution to fix the Quickbooks 2009 update error 12007 and to make all the methods easy, we add a step-by-step guide along with the solutions. So, without further Ado, let’s get ahead with the very first and foremost topic QWhat is Quickbooks error 12007

Define Quickbooks Support Update Error 12007

When a Quickbooks user, updating the Quickbooks to its latest release or downloading the Quickbooks Payroll services update on the system, Quickbooks error 2010 Update error 12007 occurs. This error generally emerges on the system due to Quickbooks update failure. When the Quickbooks software is blocked from gaining access o the server or can not connect with the Internet, the chances of this error to occurs is high. 

When this error the QB users may have seen a message box flashing on the screen with an error message stating: Error 12007: A Network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from Accessing the server. 

Quickbooks 2009 update error 12007

Now take a step ahead and check out all the reasons behind the error in the below section.

Factors that Triggered the Quickbooks 2009 Update Error 12007 

It is important to know the factors behind the error before solving it by any of the methods because every method is based on the factors or the data/files which need to be diagnosed. And there’s one more benefit to know the reasons, you can avoid those factors that triggered the error 12007 Quickbooks update to interrupt the updating process,  in the future.

  • The Firewall setting or the Internet security might be blocking the Quickbooks update process by interrupting the access to the server.
  • When there’s a wrong SSL setting on the system.
  • If the Network is encountering a Time out during the Quickbooks payroll download.        
  • The user is using that Internet explorer which is not supported by Quickbooks.
  • If the system dropped the Internet Package.

Resolve the Quickbooks Support Update Error 12007

There are plenty of methods to resolve the error 12007 Quickbooks update, apply each and every method on your system until the error gets resolved. 

Method: 1  Modify Quickbooks Update

  • To perform this solution, the user has to repeat method 1 once again first.
  • Now, unplug the wireless router/internet plug and check the internet latency
  • After that, go to Quickbooks and open the company file.
  • In the next step, click on the Ctrl + K keys together on the keyboard, a new window will open up on the screen
  • Now go to the Edit option there.
  • Under the edit section, the user needs to open the payroll setup option 
  • Now the user just has to wait while the payroll updates going on and the procedure ends on its own.

Method: 2 Troubleshoot Internal Error in Quickbooks Desktop

  • First, the user has to update the computer system that he/she is currently using 
  • After that, the user must update the Quickbooks Application to the latest release 
  • Now, the user is required to run an Internet latency check-up to find out the dropped internet packets.
  • In the next step, update the Internet Explorer and set it as a default browser of the system.
  • After that, the user has to rectify the SSL setting
  • After the above step, the user is required to go to the firewall and internet security setting to change its setup and set it in such a way that it allows the Quickbooks connection.
  • In the last step, just restart the system and try updating the Quickbooks or QB payroll once again.

Now it’s advised to check the system in order to check whether the QuickBooks 2009 update error 12007 is fixed or not. If not then proceed to the next solution.

Method: 3- Modify Quickbooks payroll and Updates

  • In the first step, turn off the internet or unplug the wifi router. 
  • Now, turn on the internet or plug in the wifi router and then check the internet latency.
  • After that, go to the Quickbooks desktop and open the company file
  • Now press the Ctrl + k key on the keyboard to initiate a new dialogue box on the screen.
  • In the new window click on the edit option
  • At last, the user needs to unmark the open Payroll setup option to end this procedure.

Once the above step completes the Quickbooks payroll automatically starts updating. Wait for a moment while this procedure taking time to complete. Now check the system whether the Quickbooks support update error 12007 is resolved or not. 

Method: 4 – Reset Internet Web Browser

  • First, open the internet browser and click on the tools
  • After that, the user has to go to the Internet option.
  • Now, navigate to the advance tab under the internet option, and click on the Reset option
  • In the next step, the internet browser will apply the default setting.
  • The last step is to click on the OK button and then reboot the system


We cover every aspect related to Quickbooks Error 12007. If you are facing the same error on your system while updating Quickbooks or updating QB payroll services then this post is written for you. Do you know QuickBooks provide point of sales too, you can check that here.

This post has all the important information about this error in detail that helps the users to resolve the error easily. This post starts with the definition of the error and then later on it includes the factors that triggered the error to emerge. Last but not least, this post will explain every possible solution to fix the error without any hassle.

In case, if the user finds any inconvenience in applying the methods to resolve the error or the error 12007 Quickbooks update still persists after applying each and every method.  In such a case we advised you to ask for help from the Quickbooks customer support executives. They have a lot of experience in resolving QB errors so, they will provide you a precise solution for every problem. You can contact them anytime as they are 24X7 available o a toll-free number.

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