Quickbooks Won't Open

Fix Quickbooks Won’t Open Error Quickly.

As we all know, Quickbooks is the most versatile and powerful accounting software that every small and medium-sized company has. This software is developed and marketed by an American Software development company Intuit. QuickBooks has the capability to maintain all kinds of tasks related to accounting and book-keeping such as bill payment, track inventory,  record all types of transactions, tax calculator, set a reminder for the next payment, and much more in no time that a human will take a whole day to complete it. But sometimes users have to face some difficulties trying to work on Quickbooks. Quickbooks refuse to open because of some reason and then a dialogue pop-up box flashes on the screen with an error message: QuickBooks Won’t Open.

This Quickbooks Won’t Open is the most common error of QuickBooks and appears anytime unknowingly. When Quickbooks won’t open the company file many works get stopped in between that may irritate the user but now to worry, this post will help you out to erase the error completely from your system.  This error arrives because of some technical fault in the system. That’ why it is advised to always keep the system updated so that it has tools to redeem these types of errors. Frequently updates may also avoid these types of errors in Quickbooks. Despite that there several other reasons behind Quickbooks won’t open errors in Quickbooks.  But before hoping to the factors, let’s understand the error in detail explained below.

What is Quickbooks Won’t Open Error?

When a user tries to open the Quickbooks Company file and the prompted action rejects the access to the company file and a message pop-up on the screen QuickBooks won’t open or stopped working, that means the user is now encountering an error. The error affects the speed of your system, it becomes sluggish and slows comparatively when the user tries to open a company file and Quickbooks will not open. This is one out of the Company file error just like Quickbooks error 1603, or error 1935, or error 1402. When QuickBooks won’t open error appears a message pop-up on the screen with a message:

QuickBooks will not open 

Factors Triggered the “Quickbooks Doesn’t Starts” Error 

This error might have several reasons for occurring in your Quickbooks Company file and hinder your work in mid-way. Some major factors are right-below

  • When the company name is too long, is also be a reason behind the error
  • When multiple users are trying to access the company file in single-user mode then Quickbooks will not open.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file is damaged or corrupted.
  • The user is using the wrong method to open the Company file. 
  • User will encounter QuickBooks is not Opening because the company file has Report issues 
  • The Window Operating system is Corrupted or Damaged
  • QuickBooks Desktop Installation is not functioning effectively.

Signs when Quickbooks Won’t Open the Company File  

When Quickbooks won’t open error occurs and refuse the command to open the Quickbooks Company file that affects the system. This effect can be seen in your system. These signs are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop starts freezing repeatedly while working on the same application. 
  • The system responds slow and sluggish to all the input devices i.e. Keyboard and mouse.  
  • The company file refuses to open. 
  • The computer system crashes frequently. 
  • User will Encounter an error message on the display screen i.e. Quickbooks won’t open or QuickBooks not opening.

Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open Error  

After knowing all the above facts, factors, and signs of Quickbooks won’t open error. Now the user is required to learn how to resolve the error when Quickbooks won’t open the company file. This post includes all the simple and easy methods to resolve the error with a step-by-step guide. These are some of the methods:

Method: 1 Restart the System   

  1. Before applying any other methods, Restart or Reboot your system to configure the error 
  2. After restarting the system, try to open the company file to check the error is still lies in the system or not. 

Method: 2 Rename the .TLG and .ND file Extension

Sometimes Quickbooks company file refuses to open because of too long the name of the file. So, it’s recommended to rename the company file name with the remaining the .TGLG and .ND file extension. Follow the step to do it right.

  • First of all, the user is required to go to the folder where the company file is saved. 
  • Now right click on the transaction log file with the extension .TLG and rename it with the company file names and add old after the name i.e. Company_file_name.OLD.QBW.TLG
  • Repeat the same process to rename .ND file with changing or deleting the extension code. 
  • Now to the QuickBooks Desktop to open the company file. 

Method: 3 Rename the QBWUSER.INI File

When you rename/delete QBWUSER.INI File, it erases all the information saved in that list opened previously.

  1. Press the Windows +E key on the keyboard to prompt the organizer tab
  2. Under the organize tab, go to the top left of the tab and click on the Folder and then press the search option.
  3. Now click on the View tab
  4. Now navigate to the Advanced Settings
  5. Then go to the Show hidden file and folder option and tap on the ok
  6. Now go to the My Computer>> C: Drive >> Documents>> [Your User name]>> Local Settings>> Application Data>> Intuit>> QuickBooks[Year].
  7. Now, navigate to the QBWUSER.INI File and right-click on Rename/Delete option to rename the file name  

If the user deletes the QBWUSER.INI file, Quickbooks automatically rebuild the file.

Method: 4 Uninstall the Quickbooks Desktop then Re-Install it. 

When the user performs the uninstallation task on Quickbooks and then re-install it, it allows the QuickBooks system to refresh itself on its own and coming back with the latest available version of it at the same time. That’s why this method works as a significant role in resolving the Quickbooks not opening error.

Method: 5 Stops the QBW32.exe File   

  • The first and foremost step is to go to the Windows taskbar and right-click on it.
  • In the prompted lits select the Task Manager.
  • In the Task manager go to the click on the processes tab
  • Now click on the image name header to minimize the processes alphabetically.
  • Now navigate and select the QBW32.exe File and then click on the end process option.

By performing the above steps, the QBW32.exe process will definitely be closed and then after when you click on the QuickBooks help Company file, it will open without showing any error message. But in case the Quickbooks will not open, then try the next solution method.  

Method: 6 Use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

When rebooting option does not work for the error try the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool to redeem the error when Quickbooks not opening.

QuickBooks Won't Open

  1. Go to the official site of Intuit to download and install the QB Diagnostic Install tool.
  2. After the installation, go to the QB Diagnostic Tool.
  3. Click on the button “Quickbooks install Diagnostic Tool” to start the scan 
  4. This process will take some time to scan the error from your system and resolve it.
  5. After the diagnosis is completed, just restart your device and make sure all the vital components for QuickBooks are updated. 

Regarding all the above information about the QuickBooks won’t open error, we hope that it’s informative to you to understand and resolve the error. This post has the data about why this error occurs and after occurring error what are the signs users will encounter on the computer. This post also covers all the different method to redeem the error from the system in step by step guide. All the above solutions are helpful and easy to apply but in any case, you can not erase the error on your own or you think this solution much tricky to apply to resolve the error then you must contact the Quickbooks Customer support experts to get assistance. You just have to call or text them and explain all the issues, told them that your Quickbooks not opening, they will return to you with the solution in no time.